SetUFree Virtual Services was established in 2008 as an administrative and project support company offering services to small business owners, solo-preneurs, entrepreneurs and other virtual providers locally in the Queens, NY area and beyond.

I am a Certified Social Media VA as well as an executive administrative assistant. My skills in social media marketing/networking, project management/coordination and administrative assistance will “SetUFree” from day to day non-income generating activities allowing you to “go forth and be profitable” in your own business.

I am a business owner, just like you, so I understand what it takes to successfully manage a small to mid-size business. I am dedicated to providing the back-end support essential for your business to excel in today’s competitive market.

Contact me for an initial consultation to discuss your business goals and how I can assist.

Profile of an Ideal Client

The VA (virtual assistant)/Client Relationship should be a mutually beneficial partnership. This is not an employee/employer, boss/subordinate relationship; it is based on the use of my skills and knowledge to assist you in promoting, expanding and supporting your business model.

My ideal client possesses the following character qualities:

  • has a vision for their business and personal lives
  • ready to explore new techniques in Social Media platforms to promote their business model/brand
  • eager to establish a Social Media strategy to promote their business model/brand
  • open to suggestions/changes in order to achieve a desired goal in a different manner
  • prepared to review and, if necessary, revise their Social Media strategy to optimize results – outside the box thinking


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