Today we continue our Book Marketing VAs book tour and stopped by to share more information to include in your pre-marketing and promotions strategizing. Additional elements to add to your website are:

Press page – include links and references to media outlets where information about you and your book have been placed.

Purchasing information – place purchasing information on every page of the website as you never know what information will move a consumer to make that purchase.

Social network connections – including icons to your Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, blog, Google+, and any other social network that relates to your book.

Distribution – while it is extremely important to have your book for sale on a trustworthy book-selling site like Consumers will feel most comfortable inputting their credit card information to a credible a site. Don’t forget, you would still want to provide an opportunity to purchase directly from you.

Book (in all formats!) – if your publication is in both print and eBook format, promote both options, thereby ensuring choices for consumers interested in options. In addition, it allows you to plug both editions and obtain maximum publicity through all distribution channels.

Availability – scheduling around author availability is important and you always want to easily confirm media interview opportunities. Always be as flexible as possible and ensure confirmation in a timely fashion.

Tomorrow, I will offer a little known and used tip that can introduce your book to an untapped audience.


Author’s Box:

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