I am the owner of a virtual business – SetUFree Virtual Services.  In order to provide quality service, I must possess the skill and equipment to deliver.  Well, I have the skills but my equipment did not reflect the cutting edge quality I nor my company represent.  Thus began my search for a better, high performance machine…this is why I bit the Apple – I bought a Mac!

I’ve been a p/c user for years; so I expected to continue in that path.  I surveyed friends – virtual and non-virtual – and did my due diligence about p/c’s and Mac’s.  I enjoy providing administrative support virtually but I’m a technophobe – I comfortably reside in the realm of end-user bliss – so an all-in-one computer with minimal moving parts was ideal for me.

Entering the Apple store was like an epiphany – helpful, patient and knowledgeable customer service personnel as well as high-tech all-in-one computers – wow!  I purchased a 27 inch iMac with wireless keyboard and mouse.  With one credit card swipe I moved from the Dark Ages to the world of the Jetsons.  I am officially a MacVA!

Of course, I’m experiencing some growing pains, but that’s a small price to pay to be on the cutting edge of technology.  My new purchase opens the door to learn more skills – video editing – and offer more services.  I’m happy I bit the Apple!

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