Do You Need Help With Your Start-up?


Calling all Accountants, Financial Service Professionals, IT Professionals – have you been involuntarily separated from your employer? i.e. down-sized? outsourced? laid-off? The answer for many is yes. Now that door #1 has been closed – what is behind door #2? For some it’s solo-preneurship – and it that’s your goal – you are my target audience!

I’m a Virtual Assistant with several years of corporate experience in the financial services and technology industries. Each industry has its own “language”. Financial speak: balance sheets, income statements, cashflow – elementary? Yes, but do you want to take the time to teach the difference? IT speak: critical path, milestones, QA (Quality Assurance not Question/Answer) – again elementary, but think of the time saved when you onboard someone with this basic knowledge. We can hit the ground running!

So if you’ve decided that door #2 opens to a world of self-employment, being your own boss and saying “good-bye” to corporate America – give me a call (877-330-0474) – we speak the same language!

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