Healthy You = Healthy Business


This is “Healthy Weight Week” (January 17th – 23rd).  For the New Year, lots of people – myself included – have decided to make healthier choices – loose weight, exercise, eat right, get enough rest – the list goes on.  I’ve recommitted myself to these principles because a healthier me = a healthier business.

As a solo-preneur, I am the driving force of my business – so my good health will ensure the good health of my business.  Good business health can be measured by consistent blogging, engaging in social media platforms, sharing valuable content as well as having a great web presence (this is a short list – there are many other factors).  To achieve my healthy weight goal (I won’t share the numbers – too embarrassing), I need to make daily, conscious decisions in-line with my desired outcome.  The same is true for my business – each day I make a conscious effort to accomplish a pre-determined goal – write a blog post, update my FB status, research my niche market – that keeps me in-line with my desired outcome – a healthier business!

Do you have health goals for yourself and your business?

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