Legacy – What Will I Leave?


The word legacy is a small word with a lot of gravity and depth.  It may conjure up thoughts of financial inheritance, rights of passage to head of household or an imprint in history.

My coach asked me a similar question last year “what would you like your legacy to be?”  Thinking about perpetuity caused me to evaluate my business plan.  My business will be the foundation for my legacy.  It will give me the platform to partner with people and/or organizations for which I have synergy.  My business will also give me the opportunity to participate in supporting causes I believe in  – women, children and hunger.

For me, creating a legacy is not only how much money I’ve made but how did I use that money to help support the causes I believe in.

Have you thought about your legacy?  How would you like to be remembered?

Do you have a cause, hobby or interest that you would like to spend more time on?  Or do you want to spend more time on income-generating activities within your business so your business will be your legacy?  Perhaps you can’t because daily administrative tasks are bogging you down.

I’m here to help.  Transition those tasks to me @ – then go build your legacy!

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