National Volunteer Week – Do You Volunteer?


This week, April 18th to 24th, is National Volunteer week. People volunteer for various reasons, some may be – hands-on learning experience, filling a temporary need or for the give back/pay forward feeling.

Are you contemplating a major life change like opening a business? Perhaps you are considering becoming a virtual service provider…you may be wondering – “how can I apply my skills to this new venture?” Test the waters by volunteering. Volunteering is a win/win situation – you gain hands on experience, increased confidence and other warm and fuzzy intangible feels while providing a needed service or task to a cause, organization or individual.

I volunteer virtually and on-site – it’s time-consuming but extremely gratifying. So I’m encouraging you to seek out a need, identify a cause, offer yourself in the form of volunteerism – it pays!

You can try these sites for opportunities: or Volunteers of America or countless others.

If you decide to volunteer – please tell me about it! I’m looking forward to your comments.

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