Sign On The Dotted Line


To be successful in business, you need to sell a product and/or service.  Some virtual assistants (VAs) do both; currently, I only sell services.  To that end, I actively seek clients in need of my services, word processing, project coordination, social media maintenance.  The vetting process between VA and client differs with each person and situation.

I met a potential client at a Chamber function.  I educated him about the VA industry and my business.  He expressed interest in my services and I found him to be sincere and a good fit for me (the interview process is a two-way street).  We discussed his goals, my ability to assist and of course, my rates.  The deal was almost done – just one crucial piece of documentation was required – a signed contract.  That’s when – POOF! – he was gone.  Was it something I said?  Or perhaps didn’t say?  Does he have commitment issues?

I try to glean some gem from every experience I have to enable me to refine my technique or approach for the next encounter.  It’s definitely a growing process with highs and lows!  As I replay this scenario in my mind, I can’t think of anything I would change, except perhaps the amount of time invested.  I’ll be better prepared for the next client encounter – experience is the best teacher.

Have you had a similar occurrence?  Would you like to share?

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