Target Practice for a Target Market


I’ve always considered myself a decisive person.  I don’t make spontaneous, knee-jerk decisions about things that have long lasting ramifications.  For example, weekend getaways are planned, birthday celebrations are planned – sometimes even lunch and dinner menus are planned.  I like to plan.  Having an outline of what I would like to do is comforting to me.  So why am I unable to decide upon a target market?

My first choice was the IT/Finance industry, and then I focused on executives.  After I thought I found my true calling in the non-profit industry.  Everyone has a cause.  Furthering a good cause will warm the heart – if not the pocket – I should be content.   Shouldn’t I?   I do like to help people, organizations, causes, so it appeared to be a perfect match.  It was a perfect match until someone suggested that I investigate the possibility of becoming an Author’s Assistant.  Wow – a new shiny object to follow.  But where does that leave my business?  The answer:  on the treadmill – moving but going nowhere.  Am I afraid to succeed?  I have become my own roadblock.  Another way to view this situation is to believe that nothing happens before its time.  OK – so I call “time” now!

I have a very patient business coach and I recently “won” two laser coaching sessions with another business coach.  Both persons are successful business owners who are willing to share their knowledge and expertise.  So the time is now.    The stars are aligned – the moment is here – all the clichés that relate to seizing the moment translate to me as:  get off the treadmill and start to climb the ladder.

Stay tuned for the journey.

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