Virtual Assistants Can ‘SetUFree’


I read a blog post by a solo-preneur referencing 5 tips for working with a VA to better enable clients to work with a virtual assistant (VA). In addition to the 5 tips listed, I’ll add my own:

• Expertise: clients usually have 2 or 3 major task for which a VA may specialize. For me, its organizational skills – balancing a hectic calendar, planning a gala event, maintaining/overseeing the timely completion of a project – these are things I enjoy and excel in.
• Human Capital Value: working poki online virtually does not negate the need or desire to build a relationship with your client; the extending of great service is an extension of self.
• Outsourcing is Money-saving: VA’s add value to their client’s business; clients realize an immediate cost savings in that overhead and medical costs (to name a few) are attributed to the VA. The client pays only for the hours and/or projects needed

All the above amounts to a win-win situation! So ask yourself – do you need to be “set free”?

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