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I have a great coach – she’s been in the Virtual Assistant industry for close to 20 years.  Our sessions are always educational – sometimes a little painful if I’ve been slacking (lol) – but definitely informative.  She told me to create a Vision Board – a physical representation of my long term goals; something that will inspire me and help me over the bumps and bruises of building a business.

My vision board consists of various pictures and scenes from the web that capture my wishes and plans for the future.  I have a map of the Caribbean Sea and the various islands – moving to a warmer climate is a priority; I also have 2 doves in a heart (I’ll keep you guessing about that one) and I have 3-5 headline captions of my ultimate business goal – to become an event planner extraordinaire! This is how I choice to create my vision board – this is no right/wrong way – just your personal preference.

I must say that this exercise was not as easy as I expected.  I had to stop internalizing my hopes, dreams, and desires and physically display them – not a comfortable situation for me.  But pushing through that discomfort enabled me to focus on the ultimate goal and work towards it.

Do you have a vision board or goal board?  Does it help you to stay focused?  How did you feel during the process?

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