I like to help – hence being a Virtual Assistant (VA) is a great fit for me.  While getting paid for services rendered is necessary from an economic standpoint – sometimes you do things simply for the feel-good factor.

Volunteerism is an opportunity to assist a community, a cause or a movement.  The payment is the feel-good factor in helping a community, cause or movement.  In the VA community, 2 of the professional organizations I belong to are sustained by the VAs willing to volunteer their time and knowledge to assist other VAs.  The payment is paying it forward – the feel-good factor.

I volunteer – virtually and physically.  My virtual volunteer position is as a VA for a non-profit organization in California.  Yes, I get the feel-good factor from this opportunity, but I also increase my confidence and expand my skills with each project – a win/win situation.  My other volunteer position is with a food pantry for a church.  My personal belief is that everyone should have something to eat – regardless of socio-economic status.  I try to attend 2-3 Saturday’s a month.  I enjoy helping!

Do you volunteer your time?  What are some of the activities you participate in?  Can you relate to the feel-good factor?

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