Women & $$$ – Who Are You? Part 2


As I stated in Part 1 of Women and Money, the theme of the Total Woman Business Conference was finances.

Another impressive presenter that day was Helen Kim, Money Relationship Mentor.  She discussed our sub-conscious relationship with money – stressing that we need clarity about what money means to us.  She referenced four character types relative to their action or re-action to money.  They are:

  • Under-earner – characterized by excessive volunteering, under-billing of time, bartering as a way to avoid money transactions, content to perform “cave jobs” – projects that keep them isolated. They also avoid raising rates and may resent people who have money.  They have a general belief that the harder you work the more money you’ll make.
  • Debiting – a vicious cycle exacerbated by a sense of entitlement – “I deserve…”  Helen states that debting is the manifestation of unmet needs.
  • Overspending/Over-shopping – we are in business to make money; simple arithmetic shows that we should not spend more than we make.  This type of money relationship can be triggered by:
  • Loneliness – shopping fills the void
  • Avoidance – shop to avoid an issue/problem
  • Control – you are in charge when you are spending
  • Fear – you make purchases for the sole purpose of giving it away – to abate the fear of abandonment

Helen suggest that you stop and ask yourself “how do  feel?”, “what am I shopping for?”, “do I need it?”  She also suggested a resource by April Benson “To Buy or not to Buy”

  • Under-spending – characterized by feeling you are undeserving of good fortune or a fear that you can’t handle money or a concern that you’ll “show-up” your parents by surpassing their income level

Do you see yourself in any of these character types?  Perhaps, like me, you straddle two of these types.  Through education, sharing and a more conscious awareness of our actions and reactions to money – we will have a balanced, comfortable relationship with our finances.

If you would like to have a better money relationship – check out some free giveaways from Helen Kim.



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