Save Time With Fire Fox Add-ons


I used to be a diehard Internet Explorer user – through pure ignorance. If you are employed, you use what is provided – because bottom-line – any security issues are theirs (read Big Corporate Machine) vs. yours (business owner).

Through education via the virtual assistant forums, I learned that Fire Fox is a more secure, stable platform…needless to say I made the switch. If Fire Fox is your browser of choice, check out these time-saver add-ons:

1.Fox marks – seamlessly sync changes to bookmarks and passwords across all your computers
2.Shareaholic – share, bookmark and email web pages via your favorite social sites
3.Fotofox – organize your pictures or create an album without interrupting your internet browsing
4.Morning Coffee – like to be in the know at the moment? Use this tool to organize the websites you view daily
5.Reminder Fox – setup alarms/alerts to highlight those important dates/events – ex: “Mother’s Day – May 10th”
6.Tab Sidebar – an alternative to the main tab bar – why? Options are good!
7.Sxipper – keeps track of usernames, passwords and personal info; add-on allows you to store this data on your computer. Personally, I’m skeptical of this particular feature – I’ll stick with the password protected excel sheet 😉

Do you use any of these or do you have a favorite to add to the list? Share it! Each one, teach one!

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