Celebrate Stress Awareness Month


April is Stress Awareness Month. During this month healthcare professionals and health promotion experts will join forces to increase public awareness about the dangers of stress and provide coping strategies.

Stress permeates our daily lives. It may be more prevalent for business owners as they navigate the many roles and responsibilities needed to run a successful business.

Are you stressing about maintaining your blog, updating your status on Facebook, monitoring your online reputation or distributing books on hgh articles to online directories? Relieve yourself of these stressors by hiring a virtual assistant!

Perhaps the thought of engaging in a virtual relationship causes you more stress. Here’s a stress-free opportunity to experience the support of a virtual assistant. Simply complete this short survey for a chance to win 2 free hours of virtual service. The lucky winners will be announced on April 16th, National Stress Awareness Day.

Stress relief is in your reach!

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