Administrative/Secretarial Services

Do you need assistance putting together that monthly meeting? Or, perhaps you need your contact list organized? From sending follow-up emails and balancing calendar appointments to maintaining contact lists and scheduling client meetings – every business is in need of back-end support – just not everyday from 9a to 5p.

The benefit of partnering with me as your Virtual Assistant (VA) is that you pay for services rendered without the additional cost of overheard, training and down-time. I am here to assist you when an extra pair of capable hands are needed!

Services include:

  • Organizing itineraries and meetings
  • Assisting with correspondence
  • Responding to emails
  • Maintaining contact databases
  • Create and modify documents
  • Faxing/mailing
  • Maintain calendar
  • Assist in special events

Call me @ 877-330-0474 or complete my contact form for an initial consultation.


Retainer Packages for ongoing support

Monthly Retainer Package


Hourly rate: $45

Hour Rate

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