Complete Social Media Presence

Have you decided to enter the exciting world of Social Media? Do you need assistance creating or maintaining your social media presence on social sites such as FaceBook, Linked-In and Twitter? Each social site has its own culture. Status updates for Twitter and FaceBook may not be appropriate for Linked-In and vice versa.

This package is for the business owner who understands the benefit of business and social media – entrance to a FREE marketing platform and the ability to assess the competition while promoting your business. Each platform presents an opportunity to uncover a new client, become a thought-leader or deepen your relationship with your existing client base.

Twitter is a micro-blog social site (all responses must be 140 characters or less). FaceBook is an extremely robust and powerful marketing and networking platform. Linked-In is recognized as a business professional social site. All three sites – known as the Big 3 – have the common feature of status update – allowing you to share information, solicit feedback, make a statement or send a greeting.

Working together we will determine the best way to showcase you and your business on the Big 3.

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Complete Social Media Presence Package
Create/assess profile in FaceBook, Twitter, and LinkedIn
Create/assess FaceBook Fan page as well as 2 niche social profiles (additional Fan Pages can be created in lieu of niche social profiles)
Mind mapping/Brainstorming session to establish Social Media Strategic Plan
Keyword research to maximize profiles
Post your copy/content (i.e. Blogs, Articles, Pictures, Videos) (max. 10 posts per site)
Research target niche groups to join and participate in
Import address book to begin network base
90 min training/consultation
Package price: $705


Retainer Packages for ongoing support

Monthly Retainer Package


Additional Social Media Services consists of, but not limited to:

  • Content updates (blogs, articles, pictures, videos)
  • Event coordination
  • Status updates
  • Monthly evaluations
  • Social bookmarking

Hourly rate: $45

Hour Rate

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