All About FaceBook Marketing

Are you overwhelmed by the abundance of social media options? FaceBook, Twitter, Linked-In and countless others. FaceBook can be your starting point – the network where you connect or reconnect with your clients, study your competition and build a foundation for a JV partnership or strategic alliance. FaceBook marketing begins with your personal profile. I will create a keyword rich personal profile showcasing your likes, hobbies, interest and accomplishments.

For example, you are an avid skier who likes to ski in Vail, CO. I’ve added this information to your FaceBook profile. During a casual conversation with an acquaintance, you mention that you’ve recently joined FaceBook and of course, your forward thinking companion is also on Facebook. Your acquaintance does a FaceBook search for your name and discovers that both of you are avid skiers who like to ski in Vail. He then invites you to join a private FaceBook group for skiers in Vail. Inclusion in the group has increased your visibility to people you may not have known previously and affords you a level of trust from other group members because of your connection to and introduction by a group member. Through your interaction in the group, you may give/receive referrals or land your next client.

In addition to your personal profile, I will create a Fanpage focused on your business and the products/services you offer. Fanpages are quickly indexed by search engines. This is another layer of marketing – another way to be found – on the web. Through your fanpage you can solicit customer feedback, post giveaways, coordinate exclusive events solely for your fans. A great advertising tools without the advertising company price tag!

Give me a call @ 877-330-0474 for an initial consultation or complete my contact form. I’m ready to help you!

Facebook Marketing Package

  • Assessment of current personal profile as well as business (Fan) page or creation of new personal profile and business (Fan) page (1 page)
  • Mind mapping session to establish Social Media Strategic Plan
  • Import address book to begin friend/fan base
  • Research and add appropriate FB apps to enhance Fanpage (max. 3)
  • Research target niche groups to join and participate in (max. 10)
  • Keyword research to maximize profile and/or Fan page
  • 60 minute training/consultation

Package price: $315

Retainer Packages for ongoing support

Monthly Retainer Package

Additional Social Media Services consists of, but not limited to:

  • Content updates (blogs, articles, pictures, videos)
  • Event coordination
  • Status updates
  • Monthly evaluations
  • Social bookmarking

Hourly rate: $45

Hour Rate

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