3 Benefits of Creating a Facebook Group


What do you think of when you hear the word group?  Facebook is probably not your first response.

Being part of a group or creating a group infers a common interest.  That’s the reasoning behind creating a Facebook group – to be a community of people with a common interest.

I’ll highlight 3 benefits to maintaining a Facebook group:

#1.  Relationships:  groups allow members to engage in group chat.  Members can exchange information, strengthen and build relationships and be social!

#2.  Free P.R.: Facebook groups are promoted in the sidebar of Facebook pages – a no cost promotional benefit for the group.  Keep this in mind when naming your group.  A descriptive name will help to define the group’s focus and attract future members.

#3.  Viral Marketing:  the share feature allows members to send content to friends and associates outside of the group.  These non-group members have the ability to forward this information to others.  Allowing the content to reach persons on various platforms.

Facebook is an evolving social network that offers several alternatives to promote your business.  Remember, Facebook is FREE…use it to its fullest capacity.

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