The Evolution of Communication


The media endorses it – most people engage in it – companies advertise on it – what is it?  If you answered Social Media you are correct.

Social media is represented in various mediums – Facebook, LinkedIn, instant messaging, and texting – all forms of communication.  I’m using another form right now – blogging.

Blogs are a means to engage, inform and share.  The key to blogging is fresh content, especially if your blog is attached to your main website.  Some blogs are personal. They enable family and friends who are separated by distance to keep in touch.  Other blogs are business oriented. They include updates from the CEO’s desk, announcements about major company initiatives and new-products offerings.

My website provides tips on business blogging. It also notes some ways to engage, inform and share information with your target audience.  Sign up for my “Social Media Marketing” series @ to read more.

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