Geo-Tagging – the next step


Geo-tagging is the new shiny object in the social media arena.  Therefore, we should expect similar applications (apps) to appear in its wake.  In line with that expectation an application called Shopkick has been developed for smart phone users.  The app tracks customer movement from outside the store to various points within the store such as the dressing room, cash register and moving from floor to floor.  Think of it as your virtual personal shopper.

Shopkick is similar to other geo-social apps in that users are able to accumulate points – called kickbucks – towards gift cards from the retailer.  Retailers have Online Pokies found their marketing edge – a customized shopping experience as well as an opportunity to influence and analysis consumer behavior.

Personally, I enjoy the evolution of technology.  My phone allows me to stay connected – email, Facebook, Twitter,  the web – but I draw the line at allowing myself to be tracked at any given moment.  What is the pay-off for that level of intrusion?   A $5 gift card?  Storage of my habits and preferences in the clouds?

What’s your opinion?  Is Shopkick the natural progression to geo-apps?  Are we exposing too much of ourselves in the world of Web 2.0?  Please comment.

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