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This video is the first in a series focusing on social influence marketing.  I hope you find the information helpful.  Let’s get started.


Social influence marketing is defined as the ability to affect people, groups, peers, and even your competitors via your online presence.  How do you know if you have influenced your community via your social media presence?  There are several programs that determine your online social influence status.  Today I will review a program called Klout.


Klout is a web-based social analytics provider that measures social influence across social networks such as Facebook and Twitter.  Your social influence is represented by a Klout score, a number between 1 and 100.  The average Klout score is 20.  Your Klout score is based on your ability to drive action in social networks.  Some of the social networks Klout currently uses to measure influence are Twitter retweets and mentions, Facebook comments, wall posts and likes, LinkedIn comments and likes, Google+ comments, reshares, and plus-ones.


Your Klout score is based on three major factors:


True reach, how withdrawal from ambien cr many people you influence.  Amplification, how much you influence people, that is how many people respond to your message or spread it, and, network impact, the influence on your network, how often do top influencers share and respond to your content.


To increase your Klout score, you should focus on building your online relationships, identifying and engaging with influencers in your community, and making your content shareable.  These are just a few suggestions on how to increase your Klout score and your social influence marketing status.  Remember, Klout is a free service.  Sign up today to find out your Klout score.


I hope you enjoyed this presentation.  Come back to view my next video on social influence marketing.  I’ll be giving a brief overview of PeerIndex, another social influence analyzer.


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