Got a Local Business? Tell your Neighbors!


Want to advertise your business to your local community and monitor your online reputation?  Everyblock may be the platform for your business.   Everyblock is a social networking site that allows you to follow cities, communities and neighborhoods to “listen” to local news, interests and concerns.  You will be aware of who’s making headlines in your town or city.

Everyblock aggregates local news in these ways:

  • Civic Information – find out who’s planning to build in your area or the latest food inspection rating for our favorite restaurant
  • Media Articles – want to expand the reach of your company blog?  Find the local news reporter or blogger in our area or the area which you want to penetrate
  • Neighborhood Updates – “listen” to the local buzz; join the conversation; add your perspective or offer a solution

Everyblock enables you to stay abreast of the local news and be part of the local news.

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