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Whether you engage in social media activities for business, personal or a combination of both, it can be a large consumer of your time.  An option to keep your social presence fresh while minimizing your time effort is TweetDeck.

Despite its name, TweetDeck is a social media maintenance tool that enables you to manage other social platforms such as Facebook, LinkedIn and of course, Twitter.  I’ll highlight 3 of the features of TweetDeck:

  1. Customizable – crate multiple columns within the main window.  For example, you can create separate columns for direct messages, mentions, hashtags, etc.
  2. URL Shortner – sharing a link and adding a comment may exceed the 140 character limit for Twitter.  TweetDeck has a built-in url shortner that creates a shorter link to the desired information, allowing you to add a comment and stay within the 140 character limitation
  3. Stay in touch – the tool keeps you abreast of the buzz with real time updates.  This gives you the option to join the stream or just enjoy the view.

TweetDeck  is a free downloadable and just one of several social media maintenance tools for your business.

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