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Now more than ever, it is important to have a strong online presence for your business.  Online engagement has become more social with an emphasis on interaction vs. reaction.  Social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and FourSquare encourage relationship building, information exchange and customer service.  Businesses entering these social venues should have a well-thought out plan to grow and engage their customer base.  That plan is a social media campaign.

A social media campaign for your business is a uniquely tailored plan to address your social media business goals.  One basic element of a social media campaign is fresh and engaging content.  Fresh content is achieved via regular status updates to the social platforms you are engaged in.  The information provided should be of interest to your client base.  These updates can be blog posts, snippets of articles written by you or information posted from the web.  Remember, you are building trust through giving.  Simply peddling your company’s message will not attract followers.  This is your opportunity to show your expertise and generosity to those in your network.  The end result may be the strengthening of an existing business relationship or the formation of a new strategic alliance.  Overtime the benefits of your social media campaign may be manifested in increased website traffic, larger fanbase and company brand recognition.

Is your social media campaign working for your business?

Would you like assistance in implementing these steps?  I can help!  My name is Ronnelle Melwood, owner of SetUFree Virtual Services.  A virtual partner providing executive-level support to overwhelmed business owners, entrepreneurs and other online providers who wish to relieve themselves of mundane daily tasks.  SetUFree Virtual Services offers Social Media Marketing assistance as well as administrative support offerings.

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