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This video is the second in a series focusing on social influence marketing.  I hope you find the information helpful.  Let’s get started.


Social influence marketing is defined as the ability to affect people, groups, peers, and even competitors via your online social presence.  Do you know what your social influence status is?  That number, or score, is determined by various social analytic programs.  Today I’ll give an overview of one called PeerIndex.


PeerIndex is a social media analytics provider that measures your online authority.  Your authority is calculated and represented by a PeerIndex score.  The score is a reflection of your online activities, as well as your social and reputational capital on the web.  A PeerIndex score is on a scale of 1 to 100 and is based on various individual scores normalized by PeerIndex.  Your overall PeerIndex score is composed of the following:


An authority score.


A measure of trust.


How much others rely on your recommendations and opinion.


An audience score, an indicator of your following.  A large following does not guarantee a high score.  The score is impacted by the responsiveness of your followers to your comments and suggestions.


An activity score.  Measure of how much you do that is related to the topic communities you are part of.


So, how can you positively affect your PeerIndex score?  Here are a few suggestions.


Claim your PeerIndex profile.  It’s a free service.  And link all your social outlets, Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn to name a few.


Share, quality, interesting content with your community.  Build a strong, engaging, social community.  Increase your activity across your social platforms.  Be careful not to spam.


So what do you think about PeerIndex?  Are you interested in this service?  Are you currently using this service and want to increase your score?


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