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The social media space is growing,  The Big Three – Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter – are the most popular modes of web interaction.  There are other common interest focused sites that are emerging; some interesting alternatives are:

Hot Potato.  The site allows users to organize tags by interest, such as music, books, food, etc.  This enables users to connect via common interest topics and share activities under a specific topic as well as engage in real-time conversations.  Please note, this site was recently purchased by Facebook (August 2010).  It should relaunch shortly.  Blog updates can be found here.

CitySense. A real-time geo mobile application that displays the overall activity of a city.  It answers the question ”where is everyone going right now?”  The application shows top activity hotspots and enables the user to link to Yelp and Google to map the venues.  Access the site @ CitySense.   The application is free and allows users to delete personal historical data to ensure security.

Hunch. The site is based on a question selection algorithm.  Based on a user’s response to a series of questions, usually 10 or less, Hunch will provide a recommendation to address the user’s query.  Recommendations are based on the collective knowledge of the community.  Responses are organized in a useful manner to offer customized answers.  Results may not align with your personal taste, but the concept is intriguing.  Try it for yourself @ Hunch.

Lunch.  This site is similar to Hunch in that data is based on recommendations and reviews of similar minded people.  Lunch enables users to share and discover personally information relevant information.  Looking for a local plumber?  Want to know where to find the best vintage wear?  Look it up on Lunch.

Above is a small sampling of new and interesting social sites based on you and your specific interest.  What are you interested in?  Have you found a site that caters to your specific interests?  Please share.

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