As a Virtual Assistant (VA), I seek to, want to, need to improve my skills and learn more about the industry. My preference is to learn from those that know! My last post chronicled the highlights of a fantastic week and anticipated an even better week ahead. Well, I was not disappointed! I attended Forum on Virtual Assistance (FoVA) organized by absolute highlight of the event was the generosity shown by VA coaches Jeannine Clontz, Sharon Williams and Kathie Thomas – each successful business owners – to coach/guide/mentor 3 virtual newbies. That was pay-it-forward to the hundredth degree! Even better, I am one of the recipients! I will be coached by Sharon Williams, owner of the 24 Hour Secretary. This is the breakthrough I have been praying for! Thank you Lord!!!

A big shout out to my new friends; Kristi Pavlik, Lauren Pibworth, Grace White and Evelyn Olivares.

Special thanks to Barb Lang for organizing this mastermind event and to Patty Dost for being the catalyst to my good fortune.

I wish you all continued success in your VA practices. Thanks again! See you @ FoVA 2010!

I had a great weekend and am looking forward to a great week! A few short weeks ago, I felt overwhelmed, over-extended and dare I say – out of control! I asked myself – am I doing enough for my business? You already know the answer when you ask the question! But after this past week and weekend – I’m recharged.

First, I received the VAccolade Business Entrepreneur award from – a great honor and even bigger surprise! Nothing warms the heart more than to be acknowledged by your peers! Thank you again to everyone that nominated me!

Secondly, the church fundraiser I organized, a bus trip to DC on May 30th, went off without a hitch – enough food, enough entertainment and the most important factor – great weather! Planning any event is stressful – gratis or not – but I do enjoy it and look forward to the next bash.

Then, this week I’m heading to FoVA (Forum on Virtual Assistance) in Niagara Falls, Canada. I am looking forward to networking, learning and meeting some of the leaders in the virtual assistant industry. Kathie Thomas, founder of A Clayton’s Secretary, will be traveling from Australia to present at the forum. For me, this is an educational opportunity worth its weight in gold! The stars are aligning in my favor!

Here’s to a fabulous week ahead on the heels of a fantastic week gone by! I’ll have more to report soon!