Tips to create an online article to advertise your product and/or service, showcase your expertise and provide industry information to clients and prospects.

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April is Stress Awareness Month. During this month healthcare professionals and health promotion experts will join forces to increase public awareness about the dangers of stress and provide coping strategies.

Stress permeates our daily lives. It may be more prevalent for business owners as they navigate the many roles and responsibilities needed to run a successful business.

Are you stressing about maintaining your blog, updating your status on Facebook, monitoring your online reputation or distributing books on hgh articles to online directories? Relieve yourself of these stressors by hiring a virtual assistant!

Perhaps the thought of engaging in a virtual relationship causes you more stress. Here’s a stress-free opportunity to experience the support of a virtual assistant. Simply complete this short survey for a chance to win 2 free hours of virtual service. The lucky winners will be announced on April 16th, National Stress Awareness Day.

Stress relief is in your reach!

Now more than ever, it is important to have a strong online presence for your business.  Online engagement has become more social with an emphasis on interaction vs. reaction.  Social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and FourSquare encourage relationship building, information exchange and customer service.  Businesses entering these social venues should have a well-thought out plan to grow and engage their customer base.  That plan is a social media campaign.

A social media campaign for your business is a uniquely tailored plan to address your social media business goals.  One basic element of a social media campaign is fresh and engaging content.  Fresh content is achieved via regular status updates to the social platforms you are engaged in.  The information provided should be of interest to your client base.  These updates can be blog posts, snippets of articles written by you or information posted from the web.  Remember, you are building trust through giving.  Simply peddling your company’s message will not attract followers.  This is your opportunity to show your expertise and generosity to those in your network.  The end result may be the strengthening of an existing business relationship or the formation of a new strategic alliance.  Overtime the benefits of your social media campaign may be manifested in increased website traffic, larger fanbase and company brand recognition.

Is your social media campaign working for your business?

Would you like assistance in implementing these steps?  I can help!  My name is Ronnelle Melwood, owner of SetUFree Virtual Services.  A virtual partner providing executive-level support to overwhelmed business owners, entrepreneurs and other online providers who wish to relieve themselves of mundane daily tasks.  SetUFree Virtual Services offers Social Media Marketing assistance as well as administrative support offerings.

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The internet has become an integral part of most people’s lives.  They interact with friends, family and even form new relationships online.  All of these online connections comprise a virtual community.

The members of a virtual community share pictures, videos, and specific news on various social platforms. Popular social platforms include Facebook , LinkedIn,, Twitter and YouTube.  Sharing useful information with your virtual community keeps members interested and also provides an information pool to be accessed when needed.

There are several methods to share and engage your virtual community.    I have highlighted a few in my “Social Media Marketing” series.  Sign up to receive them @

I have a great coach – she’s been in the Virtual Assistant industry for close to 20 years.  Our sessions are always educational – sometimes a little painful if I’ve been slacking (lol) – but definitely informative.  She told me to create a Vision Board – a physical representation of my long term goals; something that will inspire me and help me over the bumps and bruises of building a business.

My vision board consists of various pictures and scenes from the web that capture my wishes and plans for the future.  I have a map of the Caribbean Sea and the various islands – moving to a warmer climate is a priority; I also have 2 doves in a heart (I’ll keep you guessing about that one) and I have 3-5 headline captions of my ultimate business goal – to become an event planner extraordinaire! This is how I choice to create my vision board – this is no right/wrong way – just your personal preference.

I must say that this exercise was not as easy as I expected.  I had to stop internalizing my hopes, dreams, and desires and physically display them – not a comfortable situation for me.  But pushing through that discomfort enabled me to focus on the ultimate goal and work towards it.

Do you have a vision board or goal board?  Does it help you to stay focused?  How did you feel during the process?

Comments are welcomed!

There is an old adage that says “you never stop learning” or something to that effect.  The learning process can be formal – classroom setting, instructor-led-, informal – life experience, skills picked up along the way or new age – virtual self-paced learning.  Each of these mediums has their own following or followers.

For me, virtual self-paced education, both free and paid, work best for my schedule and attention span.  highly recommended and offers a variety of courses and certifications for Virtual Assistants.

Sharpening your skills as a VA and business owner enhances your value to your clients as well as translates into an increase in your bottom line.  But, do you ever feel overwhelmed by all the things you should, could, need to learn?  How do you prioritize your continuing education?

Your comments are welcomed and appreciated!

As a Virtual Assistant (VA), I seek to, want to, need to improve my skills and learn more about the industry. My preference is to learn from those that know! My last post chronicled the highlights of a fantastic week and anticipated an even better week ahead. Well, I was not disappointed! I attended Forum on Virtual Assistance (FoVA) organized by absolute highlight of the event was the generosity shown by VA coaches Jeannine Clontz, Sharon Williams and Kathie Thomas – each successful business owners – to coach/guide/mentor 3 virtual newbies. That was pay-it-forward to the hundredth degree! Even better, I am one of the recipients! I will be coached by Sharon Williams, owner of the 24 Hour Secretary. This is the breakthrough I have been praying for! Thank you Lord!!!

A big shout out to my new friends; Kristi Pavlik, Lauren Pibworth, Grace White and Evelyn Olivares.

Special thanks to Barb Lang for organizing this mastermind event and to Patty Dost for being the catalyst to my good fortune.

I wish you all continued success in your VA practices. Thanks again! See you @ FoVA 2010!

Calling all Accountants, Financial Service Professionals, IT Professionals – have you been involuntarily separated from your employer? i.e. down-sized? outsourced? laid-off? The answer for many is yes. Now that door #1 has been closed – what is behind door #2? For some it’s solo-preneurship – and it that’s your goal – you are my target audience!

I’m a Virtual Assistant with several years of corporate experience in the financial services and technology industries. Each industry has its own “language”. Financial speak: balance sheets, income statements, cashflow – elementary? Yes, but do you want to take the time to teach the difference? IT speak: critical path, milestones, QA (Quality Assurance not Question/Answer) – again elementary, but think of the time saved when you onboard someone with this basic knowledge. We can hit the ground running!

So if you’ve decided that door #2 opens to a world of self-employment, being your own boss and saying “good-bye” to corporate America – give me a call (877-330-0474) – we speak the same language!

Resolutions and the New Year seem to go hand in hand…I read an article by CC Holland? Increased productivity is one of many benefits from this union. I can:
* balance that hectic calendar
* manage that out of control inbox
* help you achieve work/life balance

It’s not too late to put that New “YOU” resolution into effect…visit

Looking forward to a productive 2009!